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UDIA Grand Prix Race

United Driving Instructors association (UDIA) arranged the first of its kind Grand Prix race. Amongst the Organisers were Kamrul Alam (Chairman UDIA), Rahim Ahmed (General Secretary UDIA), Abdul Quddus (Assistant Treasurer UDIA), Taj Uddin (Membership Secretary UDIA), Siddiqur Rahman (Member UDIA).

The Event was Supported by Marketing Experts UK Plug Ltd and Jabir Ahmed, CEO of UK-Plug Ltd who is also an Ambassador of UDIA came personally to witness this first time event where 24 members of UDIA participated in this event. They were:

UDIA GO-KARTING & post meal *

Final list

1. Kamrul Alam

2. Abdul Quddus

3. Taj Uddin

4. Imran

5. Raju Ahmed

6. Mohammad Alam

7. Moshin Miah

8. Rahim Ahmed

9. Aziz Rahman

10.Aamir Hoban

11. Ali

12.Johur Ali

13. Mobosher Ali

14. Ahmed

15. Siddiq

16. shah

17. mukta Miah




21.Shahed Alam

22. Sadek

23. Foyzul Islam

24. Shamim Alam

UDIA is one of the largest Organisations running with more than 250 members under the leadership of the current Chairman Kamrul Alam.

UDIA (initially named BBDIA) was originally established in 2007 by a group of driving instructors who got together for a social gathering in Tower Hamlets, East London. Like many gatherings the conversations began to flow with ideas being exchanged. Individuals expressed an interest in forming an Association where everyone can support eachother, share ideas, keep each other motivated and possibly have other social gatherings to celebrate religious and cultural festivals.

It was decided a Driving Instructors Association be formed to help and share information between fellow colleagues and to support new driving instructors joining the industry. The objectives of the association was to create a platform for all driving instructors and hold regular workshops related to teaching and supporting fellow colleagues.

UDIA empower its members to work productively as well as keep them engaged, motivated, happy and healthy. UDIA is committed to improving working life and has its own Foitbal team and arranges numerous sports and social activities for its members.

The latest event which was a first for the organisation was the Gramd Prix Race 2022. Driving Instructors are skilled and experienced with cars and it was time to battle it out amongst them to find the Best of the Best over 25 laps of the grand prix circuit. There was no law, No rules, no mirror checks, no signals. It was pure driving skill that they demonstrated. It was a tough battle. They were neck to neck with each other on the race. The race ended with Abdul Momin taking first place, Johir Ali in 2nd place and in third place Mobosher Ali.

Even though the Chairman Kamrul Alam came out at 10th place he embraced the victory as a success. He emphasised that, it’s not about winning. It’s about everyone coming together and enjoying the moment. Otherwise as driving instructors the only other way of seeing each other is on the road while they pass each other in lessons.

Once the Race was over they made way to Grand Rasoi where UDIA hosted a Dinner Party and Awards Ceremony.

Jabir Ahmed CEO of UK-Plug was presented with an Appreciation award for his continuous support to the organisation.

UDIA presented medals to all the participants and thanked Shahed Ahmed of Grand Rasoi for hosting the Dinner Party and Award Ceremony.


M S Kamrul Alam


Abdul Quddus

Assistant treasurer UDIA

Jabir Ahmed

CEO - UK-Plug Ltd

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